Description of this printing equipment

Number : 71548
Manufacturer : MAN
Year : 2001
Options : MAN ROTOMAN S 24 Pages Section length : 620 mm Cylinder circumference : 620 mm Max. Web width : 1.460 mm Max. Speed : 70.000 cyl.rev/hour 1x Stork Contiweb Standstill Adhesive, Type: CS-1469 with integrated traction unit E-L web edge control system 5 Double printing Units with: - Semi-automatic plate change (PPL) - Hydromix dampening - Betz automatic ink level control - Oxy-Dry blanket washing system - QuadTech color controller, type: RGS V 1x Baldwin web catcher 1x Stork Contiweb hot air dryer, type: Ecotherm 13-1460 (V948) with integrated afterburner, length: 13,5 meter 1x MAN chill roll stand, equipped with 6 chill rolls 1x chill roll cleaning, positioned on the 1st chill roll 1x E-L web edge control integrated in the folder support 1x Fold Overbuild , equipped with: 3 x pair of offset rods with deflection roller 3x E-L web edge controls for strands - Weko silicone device - Planatol gluing system and folding aid, type: Combijet 7 - QuadTech cut-off controller, type: PPC 3000 X - Lengthwise and crosswise perforation - 1x Case 1x MAN folder, system 2:3:3, equipped with: - 1st cross fold - 2nd cross fold (stopped) 1x MAN PECOM 1 - 2 machine control station 1x Plate bender Post Press consisting of: 2x Rima System spiral deflectors (2001) 2x Rima System corner deflectors (2001) 2x Rima System rotary cutters (2001) 1x Curved belt A3 delivery (2001) 1x long delivery belt (2001) 1x Schneider Ozga strapping tool SO 2004 year 2008 1x stacker Baumann NUP 1000 1x Mosca strapping tool RO-TR 500 year 2005 2x Mosca hand strapping tools year 1999/2001 CONTI CS Roller changer
Availability : IMMEDIATE

The printing machine MAN ROTOMAN S, 2001 is for sale, subject to availability. We can offer you this printing machine completely revised if you wish.
We advise you to contact us quickly if you are interested in this equipment. This printing machine will be offered at the best price on the market.

Pictures of this printing machine

MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_1.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_2.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_3.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_4.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_5.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_6.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_7.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_8.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_9.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_10.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_11.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_12.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_13.jpg
MAN ROTOMAN S, Year : 2001, ref.71548 | | 71548n_14.jpg

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