Description of this printing equipment

Número: 72487
Fabricante: MALBATE
Ano: 2001
Opções: 5 letterpress with all UV lamps + 1 flexo varnish unit with UV Length printing maximum 240 mm in semi-rotary function and 300 mm in rotary function (12 'printing cylinders) inkwells with electric forward and backward movement for register, automatic washing of the same with collection tanks, air loading reel lifter, new inking rollers, with new Teflon bushings -7 film ( cliché ) holder cylinders, equipped with a photocell that can be positioned at your choice between each printing section, for re-passing in register either of the colors or of the colors and varnish (spot) -1 flat die-cutting with max paper width 250 mm -1 Laminating group -1 stripping unit with rewinder
Disponibilidade: IMMEDIATE

The printing machine MALBATE MECAFORMAT 250, 2001 is for sale, subject to availability. We can offer you this printing machine completely revised if you wish.
We advise you to contact us quickly if you are interested in this equipment. This printing machine will be offered at the best price on the market.

Pictures of this printing machine

MALBATE MECAFORMAT 250, Ano: 2001, ref.72487 | | 72487n_1.jpg
MALBATE MECAFORMAT 250, Ano: 2001, ref.72487 | | 72487n_2.jpg
MALBATE MECAFORMAT 250, Ano: 2001, ref.72487 | | 72487n.jpg

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